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Hello and welcome!

So far in my life I’ve been (and still am) many things: aspiring paleontologist, house painter, amateur knitter, avid reader, tree climber, gardener, accomplished pie maker. These days, I’m a writer and editor, and also a rather busy mum. I’ve written poetry, fiction, magazine features, a great many newspaper articles, and am (so far) an unpublished novelist. Through the handful of genres in which I’ve written, I’ve received a few awards and had a number of pieces published.

I adore the written word. I love poetry for how the words can twist and dance and give rise to the most amazing images and emotions in the reader. I love fiction for the characters I meet and the stories that draw me into a myriad of different worlds. And I love journalism and non-fiction for the opportunity it gives me (both reading and writing it) to meet incredible people and commit their experiences to paper to share with the world.

The most important things in life to me are love, my family and good friends, stacks of books upon books, enjoying an abundance of food, being kind, growing tiny green things every spring, my cats, seeing the beauty in each day and supporting creativity in myself and those around me.

I do work freelance, so if you’re interested in any of the services I provide, head over to the appropriate tab and send me an email or message if you have any questions.

May your day be filled with simple comforts and joys. xo

6 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Hi Angela,
    We met at the SciFi writers group last week, and I thought I’d drop you a line.

    I’ve started a new book club where we delve into the classics… One meeting a month. Not sure if it’s your thing but wanted to extend an invitation.

    You can find us on Meet up under “Victoria Classic Book Club” or you can send me an email. Let me know… Possible we can incorporate some classic sci-fi too. Perhaps some Wyndham or something of that ilk. 😉


  2. Angela,,,,,you are truly your own shinng star….You have been a gift from your first arrival here on earth…What a blessing and gift you are to me love mom xoxoxox

  3. Absolutely fantastic book hun!!!! Your writing oozes talent, I can’t wait to buy the hard copy when you get this published 😀

  4. Great story Angela 🙂 It kept me reading for the first 3 chapters til Hailey pulled me away! She’s asleep now so I’m going to finish it 🙂 I think it’s “movie” material !

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