Rue’s Crossings – Blurb

When seventeen-year-old Rue is attacked in the Border Woods by a once-thought mythical beast, her instincts take over and she barely escapes death by transforming into a tree. Bewildered at the sudden transformation and with deadly venom seeping through her blood, she soon finds out she has only weeks to live. Forced to leave behind the only home and family she’s ever known, Rue searches for the people who abandoned her as an infant in the furious hope they’ll be able ––and willing –– to cure her. She and her constant feline companion, Pirate, are quickly joined by Ravik, a rootless military deserter with secrets and a past he’s been running from for years. Inexplicably drawn to Rue, Ravik is pulled between  attraction and darker, primal urges he doesn’t understand. Even as he swears to keep Rue safe on their journey, a long-buried duty to his own people and their mad monarchy once again stirs in his heart, and sends him hurtling toward a crossroads that could have deadly consequences for them both. Travelling through lands on the brink of a resurging war and tracked by an unseen assailant who would strike them down, Rue and Ravik search for answers to their pasts as they struggle to trust each other. But learning the truth threatens to destroy their fragile connection in blind hate, and reveals a dark and blood-soaked history that casts doubt on those that would call themselves righteous, and could ultimately hurl both their races into extinction.

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