Valentiny Writing Contest

For the 2nd Annual Valentiny Writing Contest at!

Presenting: Remembering Roses – 214 words

When Stacey skipped next door to visit her grandparents, she found her Grampa sitting on the porch looking sad.

“What’s the matter?” she asked.

“Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day,” said Grampa. “Every year I get Gramma roses, but this year I’m just too tired.”

“You can have some of our roses. We have big pink ones in our back yard.”

Grampa just sighed. “You’re a sweet girl, peanut.”

Stacey went back the next morning with a handful of roses she’d tied with a ribbon.

She knocked quietly at the door.

“Here, you can give these to Gramma.”

Grampa smiled. “Okay. Come on in. Gramma’s in the kitchen.”

Stacey hid around the corner to watch.

Grampa took a step toward Gramma and held out the roses.

“Happy Valentine’s Day Alice.” He took another step. “It’s Joe, sweetheart. Do you remember?”

Gramma shook her head. Her lip trembled and her eyes filled with tears.

Stacey rushed to her side.  She took Gramma’s hand and led her to a chair.

“It’s ok Gramma. You can sit here and relax. Aren’t those beautiful flowers?”

Gramma slowly took the roses from Grampa and smelled them. She closed her eyes and smiled.

Grampa took Gramma’s hand and Stacey kissed her on the cheek.

“Don’t worry Gramma. We can remember for you.”

24 thoughts on “Valentiny Writing Contest

  1. AW shucks, Angela! You made me all teary-eyed! What a sad sweet story! And how nice that they have such a loving granddaughter to take care of them and make things better! Thanks so much for joining in the Valentiny Contest!

  2. Beautiful, Angela. Many years ago, my Nonna had dementia, and my aunt now has Alzheimer’s. I love when something, anything triggers a memory or a smile, even for a brief moment, just as the roses did in your story. Good luck.

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